Can Physical Appearance Make You More Successful?

Media have always portrayed business owners and people in management positions as physically attractive. So does that only apply to movies and TV shows or also in the reality? Many studies have shown that individuals who are good looking are more successful when it comes to business. This doesn’t only apply to job interviews but also in the workplace. A new study from Rice University, department of psychology demonstrated that our natural human instinct is to have a negative reaction to physical, especially facial imperfections.

Beauty over Brains

Research conducted at the University of Luneburg in northern Germany also confirms the theory that people who are more physically attractive are more successful in business. A study carried out at the mentioned German University has linked promotions and perks at work to a person’s physical appearance and shown that good looks are equally important for climbing the corporate ladder, both for women and men. According to the results of the study, a person who is one 1% above average on the “beauty scale” has 3% more chances of getting employed. Some studies even mention that beauty can be equally important as one’s knowledge, suggesting good looks can, in some cases, “replace” one of your academic achievements. People, who are aware of this, often undergo plastic surgeries like facelifts, nose job, or liposuction in order to look better.

How does beauty affect your career and business?

So, we have read some fascinating but a bit cruel studies. Let’s try to figure out how exactly good looks can affect us, our boss, or our employees. The key is in confidence. Good looking people always appear more confident. When we look good, we are more self-assured, and this can certainly boost our productivity. Self-assurance also helps us to be more open, collaborative and even to be better delegators. If someone doesn’t feel good in his own skin, that insecurity can reflect on others. So, basically it doesn’t matter how you look as long you display confidence and believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too.


How can you boost your confidence?

If you want to boost your appearance temporarily, get some nice suit, shined shoes and always take care of your hygiene. Simple things like this can take you a long way. If you don’t feel good about your looks, change it. Every person wants to look its best, and that is just fine. If you want to get a nose job, do it! If you want to correct your teeth or ears, go ahead! If you think you need plastic surgery to correct your imperfections, don’t let anybody stopped you. If you’re interested in plastic surgery and rhinoplasty, you can find out more about this procedure by visiting Rhinoplasty Columbus Ohio.


An important reminder

Physical appearance does affect your overall personality, but there are also other important factors that will make you go far in your business. We are humans, and we make mistakes by sometimes judging people based on their looks. If we try, we can also look beyond this and avoid judging the book by its covers.