Handling Lower Back Pain: Tips, Remedies and Techniques

Everyone has experienced lower back pain at least once in their lives. Lower back pain can be triggered by many factors. It is usually triggered by a physical activity, from weight lifting to gardening. Elderly people can even simply bend down and experience severe back pain. If you aren’t aware of the cause of your lower back pain, you must visit the doctor. If you have a more serious problem, early diagnose and intervention can help you prevent developing a chronic problem. Also, if you don’t treat the back pain, the symptoms will get worse over time. If your acute back pain becomes chronic, you might end up taking medication for the rest of your life or undergo a dangerous surgical procedure. If you have frequent problems with lower back pain, don’t worry. Follow our tips and advice for successful pain management. With the proper combination of physical activity, muscle strengthening exercises and, in some cases, physical therapy, your acute back pain will become history.


Get moving!

Don’t simply stay in bed and wait for the pain to go away. You have more chances quickly getting rid of your pain if you keep exercising. Don’t rest in bed for too long because you’ll end up feeling more pain and have difficulties continuing to complete your daily tasks. Activity is the best and natural medicine for back pain. You don’t have to do anything complicated; simple walking or stretching is enough. Your body is in its natural neutral position when you’re upright, not when you’re sitting down. Just be careful not to exaggerate and stay away from activities that caused you the pain in the first place.


Maintain good posture

Maintaining a good posture is crucial for preventing your acute back pain transform into chronic pain. If you tend to sit a lot at your job, ensure you have a quality chair with good back support. Also take 2 minute brakes to walk around a bit. If you have poor posture, you’ll put unnecessary strain on your back while doing all your daily activities. Did you know that you can increase the pressure on your back by 50% simply by leaning incorrectly or not bending properly? Always have your posture in mind.

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See a specialist

Find a good physical therapist or chiropractor that will examine you thoroughly and give you the proper therapy. Dr. Hands is a great chiropractor who specializes in back care and who will help you get rid of lower back pain forever. He can make an exercising plan for you with core strengthening workouts and stretches that will improve your flexibility. Strengthening your core muscles (abdominal muscles) you can reduce the strain on the lower back and alleviate pain. A great exercise for improving your flexibility is to sit on the edge of the bed, with one leg extended and the other one on the floor. Stretch your back by leaning forward while keeping your back neutral. If you have a brace, don’t wear it more than 15 minutes a day because it further weakens your muscles that should support your back on their own.


Relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation and tai chi can help you nor only rest your mind, but also your body. Releasing the tension from your body it can do wonders for your back.