Hired Commercial Roofing Contractors To Fix A Bad Leak

A few weeks ago it rained really hard for a few days. At times, it was so hard, it started leaking into my home. Since I had drop ceiling in my home, I knew the leak was probably way worse than it was and there was more water leaking in that I couldn’t see. During the rain, my wife and I just dealt with the problem because we knew there wasn’t much that we were going to be able to have done until the rain stopped. We managed and once it was finally done raining, we wanted to start looking for commercial roofing contractors.

My wife had already asked around to see if she could find any around that her friends knew of. She asked on Facebook and told me about a few companies her friends told her about there. Normally, if I hear anything about Facebook I am instantly not interested, but thought maybe she did get some good information there about commercial roofers. I decided to look up the numbers for the ones she told me she heard about and I gave them a call. I let them know what was going on and how my roof was leaking when it rained really hard. Each company I called said they would need to come and look at it before they could fix it. They said in some cases it may just need patched up and in others, the roof may need to be replaced. Since the cost is so different between the them, neither company would give me an estimate over the phone. I made arrangements for them to both come in person and got quotes from them. I hired the last Houston Roofing company that showed up because they were easily able to find the leak while they were there and they could fix it on the spot.

They worked quickly to get the roof fixed and luckily it was a leak they could patch up. It didn’t cost much to have the leak fixed. It has rained since and it hasn’t leaked so I’m confident they identified the problem. I will be calling them if I do have any other problems because they did a really great job. I was happy with their work and now I will have my wife ask on Facebook when it comes to finding anyone we need to hire to fix things. She can also find some interesting article about contractors on Facebook