Natwest contact numbers and services

There is a long list of Natwest customer service numbers which one can use to reach for any help. The customer service is a team of individuals who are happy to assist you in all your issues and queries that you may have. It times of emergencies, they are always there to help you out with your issues. This is even much easy for those people who already have a Natwest account. Whenever you make a call, it is important to have all the necessary details with you.

You will need to have your customer number as well as your account PIN. This will make it easy for you to have all your queries and issues attended to faster and in a more efficient way. If you are wondering about the customer number or PIN, they are the same ones that you normally use to sign in to your Online Banking.

Recorded calls

Whenever you make a call to any customer representative, you should know that the call will be recorded for monitoring and training purposes. There are many numbers which you can be used when contacting Natwest service centre. If you have a general question and already have an account, you can call them on 03457 888 444. There is also another phone number which can be used for those people who are abroad. This one is +44 3475 888 444 where you will be able to talk to one of their representatives. They will listen to your complaint and then attend to any issues relating to your problems.

Losing your credit card

If you have lost your credit card, then don’t worry since there is someone who is ready to help you out. There are cases when one’s card is stolen, in such a case, there is a helpline number which you can use to reach out for help. This number is 0370 600 0459 and will assist you in reaching for a customer service agent who is ready to help you out. If you are abroad and want your card blocked after losing it or being stolen, you should call +44 125 230 8047 and it will be blocked for you.

Credit card contact numbers

If you have any queries about your credit cards, you have their best team of service executives who are ready to attend to your issues. You can contact them via the credit card number 0370 333 9091 and those who are abroad can use +44 1268 508 018 to be able to reach out for help.

Natwest contact customer services are tailored to meet all your needs and solve all your problems. Their representatives are ready to make sure that all your issues have been attended to within the shortest time possible. For any queries, don’t hesitate to call them and get it solved for you.

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