Planning a Great Corporate Event for Your Company

Planning a corporate event is not an easy task to accomplish. Actually, corporate events are one of the hardest events for events planners to complete. If you’re not a professional event/planner, this may be very difficult and challenging for you. If you have to plan a corporate party soon, you might find our tips useful. Our tips should help you plan and execute your corporate event successfully.


Plan as much as you can in advance!

Take your time to plan the whole event ahead. If you need to rent a venue, make sure you rent it in time and ensure everything is done as you want. Do your best to book your venue early by placing a deposit. Also take care of parking space. Planners usually forget about this.

Be careful not to go over your budget!

It is very important to set a strict budget and also to save some extra cash in case of some additional expenses. Unexpected expenses are actually very predictable, so have this in mind when you’re planning the event.


Have extra copies of everything!

Save the check from placing the deposit and booking the venue, save any contracts and agreements because you never know when you might need them. Also save copies of seating charts if they get misplaced. Make emergency plans in case something goes wrong.


As you plan everything ahead, make sure you also send invitations ahead. It is best to send them at least 3 weeks ahead so your guests can also plan coming to your event in accordance with their obligations. If you want good attendance, I advise you to avoid scheduling the event around major holidays and vacation periods. Also avoid scheduling the party at weekend. Midweek is probably your best scheduling choice. When you’re creating a seating chart, you can ask people who they would like to sit with so everyone is satisfied.


Setting a theme

You must know when is appropriate to set a theme and when not. Corporate events could be themed, but that theme must be light and elegant. However, setting a theme can greatly help with setting a mood. Pure elegance can sometimes be a bit boring. You don’t want your guests to be stiff and feel uncomfortable, you want to be relaxed and have a good time at your party. Go for champagne and dessert party or a simple dance party. Don’t go extreme like setting a costume party. You can also set a casino night or karaoke party. If you choose karaoke, the music should be mellow and enjoyable.


Whatever the purpose of the corporate event is, the food mustn’t be of average quality. Actually, everything must be top-notch. Set the itinerary properly so that the caterer will get enough time to prepare, and serve the meal in time. Impress your guests with quality food and good cake. I recommend you to serve coffee crumb cake. This cake will come in handy when you need to order something delicious very fast. It is made from an old family recipe and it is a traditional NY crumb cake that all Americans love and enjoy. The best thing about this cake is that you can order online and ahead for any type of event.



Entertainment must be appropriate without offending content. Hire a comedian or a magician to bring laughter and amazement to your crowd. Also, make sure you get a reference before the actual hiring.