What is Rhino Paint and its Advantages?

Rhino Paint is the best interior and exterior coating for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. For more than ten years now, Rhino Paint has been the best reviewed residential paint product throughout the United States. With its patented solution, it has led the way to have long-lasting paint products on the interiors and exteriors of our homes rather than the standard latex paints that chip and peel with time. This wonderful paint product will leave your home looking fresh and new for years to come. Even better – the paint can be applied to almost any surface including vinyl siding, bricks, metal roofing, wood, and stucco. Although Rhino Shield looks like paint, the solution has been made to last a lot longer than the latex paint you will find at a Home Depot or Lowes. Rhino Shield even backs this claim with a 25-year warranty that can be transferred to someone who purchases your home down the road. With Rhino Shield, painter in Annapolis Junction, you will not have to worry about what your house looks like, and you will never have to paint again.

Rhino before and afterWe could boast about the wonderful nature of Rhino Paint for forever, but let us discuss some specific features that make it better than the traditional paints we find in stores. As a ceramic coating, Rhino Shield is 80% with 20% liquid. This makes it much thicker, and therefore much more durable the latex paint which only has 40% solid material in it. Some of the solid material includes ceramic microspheres, which help make the paint a lot thicker. When laid onto a surface, Rhino Shield will be up to nine times thicker than your traditional paint.

Because of its special makeup, Rhino Shield can:

• Expand and contract as your walls move naturally due to temperature and other weather changes
• Withstand more wind and rain than the Federal Specifications
• Help reduce the temperature of your walls resulting in lowers AC costs during the hot summer months
• Reflect UV rays, helping it reduce the temperatures of your walls
• Resist the buildup of mold, algae, and mildew
• Reduce the level of salt air corrosion (this is especially helpful for beach houses)
• Work to reduce the appearance and damage caused by small, hairline cracks

It is safe to say that your average latex paint is incapable of performing in any of these special ways.

Because of the benefits of Rhino Shield, you can be sure that using it will increase your home’s curb appeal as well as its overall value. Even if you choose to sell your home in the coming years, the 25-year warranty that comes with Rhino Paint is easily transferred to the next owner. This means that whoever buys your home can rest assured that he or she will not need to paint for a long, long time.