Roof Repair or Roof Replacement: Which One Does Your Residential Building Really Need in Houston?

This is a decision that numerous business owners have to make every year. Do they need to repair their roof or should they replace it all the same. In most cases, the answer is usually unclear. At times, the need of a residential roof replacement is quite evident like for instance when a storm rips away most of the system. The need to replace can also be sublet like for instance in case of leaks that don’t seem to go away. In case you are having some trouble deciding whether to repair or replace your residential roofing, check out the tops below for some help.

Consult a professional roofing company- This is a very obvious tip but you would be amazed at how many business owners seek the help of amateur’ unskilled contractors just so that they can save money. What they fail to understand is that all they will save is labor fees, which will be a complete waste when the time comes and they have to rehire and repair the shoddy workmanship. Before taking any cause of action on your roof, it is imperative you consult a reputable professional residential roofing company. Make sure it is licenses, insured and bonded with strong references before you hire them.

Consider the age of your residential roofing system– In case it is close the end of the roof’s lifespan when you start experiencing problems, spending money repairing those damages is ill advised. Repairs do cost less that replacements, which is why most business owners are tempted to just repair it. It is unfortunate that at this stage, sooner rather than later, you will have to carry out more repairs.

Is it an isolated or persistent problem? – As the materials deteriorate, your roof will experience a number of problems, which could lead to a need for replacement. Conversely, when the roofing is in a great condition, the problems will be isolated and will not return once the repair is made. When you have persistent problems, you really need to replace.

Previous repair history– If your roofing system has a dubious repair history, it would be advisable to just get a new system. Despite the fact that a repair costs are much cheaper than replacements costs, the amount of recurrent repairs will eventually exceed the price of another installation. A professional roof contractor will advice you on the matter depending on the condition of your roof.

Repair costs– Some repairs could cost a lot more than replace. For instance, removing shingles and panes just to address a problem in the deck will incur more labor costs than a replacement would. The cost of repair materials could also exceed just getting new replacement materials.


Whether you decide to repair or replace the roof, you will need to consult a professional roofing company like PRC roofing so that your roof can last you many more years. You can also visit manta.