Statistics of Home Health Care Service.

A lot of research has been conducted in many countries and in different classes of the people in order to improve the delivery of home health care service. Some these researches are conducted by skilled personnel and companies while others areprovided by the government.  These statistics have reveal a lot of information concerning the provision of home health care services. Home health services are usually conducted at an annual interval in order to determine any change or progress. Some of the statics collected include:

Geographical location.

Home health care giving services are highly accessed by people living in urban areas unlike those living in rural areas. Some of them claim that they have no ideas of the service while others claim that it is very expensive to have the services due to financial cost. Thus, many people prefer to go to hospitals. Home health care services are highly access by people living in develop countries such as unlike the developingcountries. The leading country in the provision of home health care service in USA. However, many people are still embracing it.

Types of people accessing.

Home health care services can be delivered to all the people in the society. However, most of the people who access the home health care services are elderly. Most of the elderly people find the service most appropriate to them since most of them didn’t like walking or covering distance especially when they are unwell. However, home health care service is only provided when their condition is mild requiring very little attention and elderly love that.

Type of service.

A lot of hospital services can be accessed at home through the home healthcare services. However, the statistics indicates that many patients prefer home health elderly care services when they require services such and occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound nursing. Many patients prefer being served in the hospitals when they want to access advanced medical services. Although some laboratory services such as urinary x-rays can be performed at home, many people prefer to have the test at hospitals based on their own views.

Service providers

Long ago, medical services were provided by only one person. In the modern day, there are many professions in the medical filed. All of them have the specific functions. This was enhanced in the recent past in order to provide credible medical service. Many people prefer the attention of the nurses at their home unlike doctors. This is because a singlenurse can provide a variety of service which the patience requires such as injection and accessing the health of the patient.  Other significant professionals such as the gynecologists are always preferred my many people to provided at home since maypeople believe that home is private and suitable to discuss vital issues.